Theft Lawyer Services: Felony & Petty Theft Charges in San Antonio, TX

As San Antonio’s top theft lawyer, we at George-Fischer Law handle all kinds of theft charges, ranging from petty theft to felony theft. Considering the categories and degrees of theft, we will know the best way to deal with your San Antonio case. With our experience and knowledge, we can defend you if you have been charged with theft. Don’t try to fight alone, let George-Fischer Law of San Antonio help.

San Antonio Theft Charges

Theft law deals with a range of crimes, usually dealing with one party taking money, assets, services, or other property with the intent of keeping it without the owner’s permission. These charges exist at all levels of government, including locally here in San Antonio. If convicted, you could be facing jail time, fines, and be forced to make restitution to the victim, even with petty theft. Come to us as soon as possible so that we can begin to put your San Antonio case together and help you.

Misdemeanor Theft vs. Felony Theft

As your theft lawyer, we believe it is good for you to know the difference between the main categories of theft in San Antonio. When the value of the San Antonio property taken is less than $1,000, the offense is treated as misdemeanor theft. Any value above that is considered a felony theft and called grand larceny. The value of the stolen San Antonio property isn’t the only factor in determining the severity of the crime. The type of property stolen and the method used to take the property are also considered when charges are set.

Valuation of Theft Charges

Statutes on theft will determine the minimum value of the stolen San Antonio property that is necessary for someone to be convicted under that specific law. The main problem with this in San Antonio, or indeed anywhere, is that the values provided may be inaccurate. We will work to make sure the valuation is accurate, and sometimes a successful challenge of the provided valuation can either get a case dismissed or the charges lowered.

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