Felony & Misdemeanor Crimes Defense Attorney in San Antonio, TX

Here at George-Fischer Law, we want to make sure our San Antonio clients are well-informed about the implications of their legal situations. The penalties you may be facing will vary widely depending on the type and severity of the crime. There is a big difference between misdemeanor charges and felony charges. If you are facing either in San Antonio, we want to help you understand what that means for you and your case as we move forward with your defense.

Misdemeanor Charges in San Antonio

Misdemeanor charges are generally considered less serious than felony charges. These may include petty thefts, certain traffic offenses, and some minor drug charges. The punishment for misdemeanor offences in San Antonio often involve substantial fines and maybe a few days, weeks, or months time in a local or county jail. Some San Antonio misdemeanor proceedings can be expedited, but most of the time they move forward like any other trial.

Felony Charge Arrests in San Antonio

Felony charges are reserved for the more serious crimes in San Antonio. They can be classified using degrees, with a first-degree felony being the most serious charge. Examples of felony crimes are things like murder, rape, and aggravated grand theft. Some states require a prosecutor to get an indictment from a grand jury before charges can be brought, and then the person charged has the right to a jury trial. Those convicted of felony charges in San Antonio are often sentenced to multi-year sentences at state or federal prisons.

How Misdemeanor and Felony Crimes Can Affect You

Having misdemeanors or felonies on your record can affect your life in San Antonio significantly. Misdemeanors may lead to jail time or other types of restitution that impact your life for a while. If you are convicted of a felony in San Antonio, it will likely affect the rest of your life. With a felony on your record, it can become difficult to find a good job or get funding from the bank for a home  after you serve time in a state or federal prison – that is, if you are ever released. Let our San Antonio law firm use our expertise on crimes and charges to ensure that you have the best counsel during the course of your case.

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