Expungement Lawyer Services in San Antonio, TX

If you have a criminal history in San Antonio, it can constantly affect your life. Perhaps it keeps you from getting a dream job. Maybe it is keeping you from getting a loan to build a new home in San Antonio. Whatever the case may be, George-Fischer Law can help you through the expungement process so you can free yourself from the mistakes of the past. Don’t let the old you continue to drag you down; let our expungement lawyers help you today.

How Does Expungement Work for San Antonio Courts?

Expungement law deals with San Antonio court proceedings that are focused on removing criminal records from public view. Almost all arrest and conviction information is available to the public through the courthouse or privately-owned online databases. This means just about anyone can see your criminal past. By going through the expungement process, it is possible to either seal a criminal record or destroy it entirely from courthouse records.

San Antonio Expungement Lawyers for Arrests and Convictions

The expungement process can be applied to arrest records as well as records of a conviction in San Antonio. Arrest records may exist for you if you were ever arrested, even if it didn’t culminate in a conviction. In most jurisdictions, an arrest record can be expunged after 30 days, but a conviction is a little more difficult to get expunged. In most cases, both misdemeanors and felonies can be put through the process if all of the requirements are met, including a waiting period and a filing fee. As your expungement attorney in San Antonio, we can help you discover the specific requirements for the crime and jurisdiction you’re dealing with.

Expungement Process in San Antonio: Online Databases

Even after we get your records expunged from the San Antonio court system, the charges may still exist within privately owned databases. Getting these agencies to remove your information is something that you are going to have to fight for, our expungement attorneys can help. As we work together, we will ensure that private agency databases are updated to follow the motion by the city of San Antonio and expunge any arrests or convictions. We will also make sure that the expungement order is distributed to any other government agencies that will need to know about your newly cleared status.

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