Drug Possession & Drug Crime Defense Attorney in San Antonio, TX

Have you been accused of a crime involving drugs in San Antonio?? Do you need a drug lawyer to help you protect yourself from charges or assistance navigating the legal system? Here at George-Fischer Law of San Antonio, we can help to defend you from any drug charges that have been brought upon you. Our criminal defense law firm has a team of knowledgeable and experienced drug crime lawyers to ensure your rights are upheld in the San Antonio courts.

Why People in San Antonio Need a Drug Crime Attorney

Drug crimes incorporate any instance involving either illegal “street drugs” or the misuse of prescription medications. Laws revolve around the possession, use, manufacture, and trafficking of these substances, and those who get caught up being involved in those activities will be charged with either one of or a multitude of those offenses.  As drug lawyers in San Antonio, we know all the ‘ins and outs’ of drug crime laws and know how to best help you try to beat the case.

San Antonio Drug Attorneys for Felony Charges

Most drug charges are classified as felonies. The seriousness and consequences of the offense are determined by several factors that our drug crime lawyers will consider as we prepare your defense in San Antonio. Some of the affecting circumstances are the type of drug, the quantity found, and if there was an intent to sell or distribute them. Our San Antonio drug crime attorneys will make sure to look at all of the details as we move forward in the legal fight and protect your rights as a defendant.

One Possible Option: Doing San Antonio Drug Court

If this is your first offense or if the charge is one of a non-violent nature, our drug attorneys in San Antonio may be able to afford you with the opportunity to have a more lenient consequence. The state’s drug courts are an alternative option to jail time that can provide help to those who suffer from substance abuse. Our drug crime lawyers will be able to inform you if doing drug court is an option for you in San Antonio.

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