Criminal Assault Law Services in San Antonio, TX

As an assault and battery lawyer in San Antonio, George-Fischer Law knows the best way to handle your individual case. A conviction of assault or battery has many consequences beyond prison time. Aside from being away from your San Antonio home for a long time, the conviction will be on your permanent record, which potential employers will see when performing a background check. Your record may also affect your ability to apply for certain licenses and you may even have to put your DNA on file. Let us handle your case so that you don’t lose the life you have or want in San Antonio.

What Qualifies as Criminal Assault in San Antonio?

You may be wondering what the difference is between assault and battery in San Antonio, or even anywhere. As opposed to battery, criminal assault does not have to result in injury to the victim. If the victim was threatened and has a reasonable belief that injury would occur, it can be charged as assault. At George-Fischer Law, we are an assault and battery lawyer here in San Antonio, so we can handle both instances for you.

San Antonio Assault Law: Degrees of Severity

There are different degrees of severity in assault law. First degree assault is considered the most serious, often resulting in longer prison sentences, bigger fines, and harsher punishments. Second degree assault in San Antonio is nearly as bad. Third degree assault and higher do not involve the same level of punishment. What degree you are charged with depends on several factors, including any prior history of assault and battery or if the assault involved a deadly weapon or bodily harm.

Defenses We May Use as Your San Antonio Assault Attorney

As your San Antonio assault attorney, there are many types of defenses we may use for your case. It is possible that the assault occurred as a result of you protecting yourself or others. We may also be able to get the charges dropped if you did not do what you are accused of. In this instance, we would need to prove that you were somewhere else at the time or that the assault did not occur. Finally, a judge or jury may rule in your favor if the San Antonio prosecutor cannot provide the jury with enough evidence to support the claims of the victim.

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