George-Fischer Law has experienced and qualified divorce lawyers available to work with you in San Antonio. Our firm can provide a variety of services and assistance related to property settlement and property division to our clients. We know how trying times can be when you are going through a divorce, and we want to be there for our San Antonio clients to make the negotiations and settlements go as smoothly as possible.

Property Division in Divorces in San Antonio

In the most general sense, property settlement agreements begin with taking an inventory of all that you and your spouse acquired during the marriage. Your divorce lawyer in San Antonio will then work to distinguish and categorize the accumulated property into two categories: community and non-community property. The law in San Antonio understands community property as all earnings that occurred during the marriage as well as all that is acquired with those earnings, including debts.

Non-Community Property Division in San Antonio Divorces

Most of the time, community property is divided equally between spouses. However, separate property and possessions, or non-community property, remains in the respective spouse’s possession. The experienced divorce lawyers at our firm are acutely aware of San Antonio’s divorce laws and therefore know what it takes to handle even the most tumultuous divorce property settlements. We work with our San Antonio clients to help them understand the full scope of their rights and prepare them for the phase of property division in divorce proceedings. Trust our knowledgeable property dispute lawyers to provide you with the services you need.

Property Settlement Agreements in San Antonio

During the initial progressions of divorce, there is quite a lot of uncertainty. You may have plenty of questions like: Who gets the house? How can I keep my property separate? What is considered non-community property? At George-Fischer Law, we provide our San Antonio clients with all the answers and information when it comes to property division in divorce. Divorce property settlement is rarely straightforward, but our experienced property dispute lawyers in San Antonio do everything they can to make it a manageable experience.

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